"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." (Author Unknown)

Magnum Swine Genetics Inc. is a company which started in December of 1996. We started off with our own pooled Yorkshire and Landrace which where selected for maternal traits, a couple of Duroc boars and a select number of Landrace and Yorkshire boars from other breeding companies; totaling to 15 boars. Lab results, customer information and orders where all manually written out by hand. Collection for customer orders and customer relation was handled by one full-time position, while lab preperation, semen quality control and packaging was handled by one part-time position.

Today Magnum Swine Genetics Inc. is still growing, currently housing 160 boars with a future of expanding its operation to a 240 boar stud. We still carry our own Yorkshire and Landrace pooled lines which are still selected for their maternal traits. A wide variety of animals are housed to provide customers with a large range of genetics; from animals selected out of England and Ireland for new bloodlines to boars from major breeding companies in North America. We can no longer keep up to customer demand manually, so we've upgraded to using computers for lab results, customer information, invoicing and customer orders. Throughout the week, business is taken care of by two full-time positions, and during collection hours an additional 11 part-time positions, consisting of 6 barn technicians and 5 lab technicians, are filled, working hard to get customer orders processed and shipped.

From the very beginning, Magnum Swine Genetics Inc. had a commitment to customer satisfaction, a high standard of quality and a stringent health protocol. We still have that commitment today. With technology we can provide a fast, efficient service to pork producers while still maintaining our high standard of quality. With the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, along with our own health protocol, we have maintained a clean health status, assuring the quality of the product produced. With a high standard of quality and a strong health protocol we are sticking to our commitment ... customer satisfaction.